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Advertising, sponsorship and collaborations
Dina Torkia is a leading UK based british blog discussing fashion, beauty and lifestyle for the modest women and is read by women & young girls of all ages across the globe. It’s targeted audience, the modest dresser aged 18 and over, represents an often-forgotten but large and affluent demographic. The blog’s content also reflects increasing interest in the rise of the modest fashion industry, and how main stream and high street brands are slowly giving recognition to their vast and long exisiting Muslim consumer base.

Dina Torkia attracts approximately 30,000 users monthly, and each post can range from anything over 10,000 hits.

Twitter : 46k
Youtube channel: 335k subscribers
Instagram : 850k

Facebook : 220k

I’m often asked to feature brands on the blog and am sent images of their modelled pictures to advertise with. Such marketing doesn’t really speak to my audience, who want to see how the modest dresser might adopt these pieces into her style. Working with me enables you to access these increasing areas of consumer interest, please Email me ( for more information on how you can feature your brand on my blog. Whether as a separate advert, or as a style feature with me, as well as my rates for varied collaborations/advertisements/sponsors.

I welcome proposals for collaborations, Styling work, beauty related posts, competitions, photo shoots, social media takeovers, youtube videos and other features – do contact me with ideas. Such collaborations give your brand the chance to access this growing demographic, the style conscious, modern modest dresser.

Reviews/Product Features
I welcome products for review or to feature, as long as I feel they are relevant and meet a certain standard and quality in conjunction with the work I produce for this blog and my other social media outlets. In return I expect payment or something that will benefit the blog. I may accept gifted goods, but please note that, while product gifting is fun for a blogger, sadly it doesn’t alleviate blog costs. However, don’t let this stop you getting in touch if you are on a tight budget and/or are a new, young and or especially British-made brand, or one that includes the modern Muslim woman in your advertising. I’ll do what I can to help and we can look for other ways in which we can both benefit in working together.


You may buy advertising in the right hand column of the blog for very reasonable rates. I’m also happy to consider affiliate arrangements. I do not require advertising from brands in order to feature them.

Sponsored posts

I will occasionally accept payment to write posts for brands where the products fit with the content of this blog.

If I am paid for a post I will mention this by describing the post as ‘sponsored’ or some similar formula which makes it clear that I’ve received payment. Where I’ve been given a product this will be made clear in the text.

Writing commissions, invitations to speak, attending events, Travel, PA, styling work, TV & Youtube commission
I accept commissions to write for others, here or elsewhere. Previously I’ve written articles on fashion, lifestyle & spiritual topics for Aquila style, see Press above for more information & to read my work. I am also keen to working with the wider community in events organised by our youth & charitable events. As a freelance stylist, if you are a brand or independant client looking to book me for such work you can do this via the ‘contact me’ page. I am also open to working with brands in conjuction with my youtube channel, as well as collaborating with fellow youtubers in original and engaging projects. For anything relating to the subheading please contact me to discuss the possibilites.
If you would like to get in touch you can contact me on