by Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recently I haven’t shut up about my love for sweaters & jumpers so I’m sure you’re all aware by now that the love is real.

There’s just something so effortless and versatile about them, I find myself grabbing one to wear with most things everyday. Generally I’ll buy them at least two sizes too big for the slouchy look over skinnies and usually a cotton blend fabric. They’re my go to when I just can’t be bothered with layers or processing my thoughts for a look & are incredibly simple to dress up or down with just a few accessorising accents. I’ve picked out my current fave fives that I personally score 5/5 for you and had a good posing session too.

Tip: Pick these up in the men’s departments too for actual slouch.


IMG_5500 IMG_5517 IMG_5595 IMG_5629 IMG_5687

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